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The West Linn HS Substance Free Grad Party is a parent-sponsored, substance free all-night party.  The goal of the party is to provide a safe and fun celebration.  The party location is kept strictly secret so that we can achieve this goal.  The Grad Party is not a school sanctioned event as all the planning and fundraising is done by the parents of the graduating class.  However, the school staff believe strongly in this event and work as our partners in planning a fun and safe event for our graduates.

We are so pleased that each year approximately 90% of our graduates attend the party.  Parents, please help your Senior understand the importance of this event.  The fun begins immediately following the graduation ceremony.  Our graduates hop on buses and are taken away to the "secret" location for a night of festivities as their last evening together as the Class of 2015 where there will be many surprises planned.

This party is possible with the support of our parents and community members.  Different from most years, we hope to reduce or eliminate many of the big fundraisers and are focusing on a "Just Write the Check" campaign.  We want to spend less time fundraising and more time focused on our own Senior's last year in high school.    Take a look at our Schedule of Events page and contact us if you would like assist with future opportunities.